Brightspace is one of the leading learning management systems (LMS) in the world of education that enables teachers, students, and employees to gain access to only the best experience when it comes to learning. The learning management system has been ranked top in Corporate Learning by Aragon Research as well as being ranked in the number 1 spot in Higher Ed by Ovum. Brightspace LMS has garnered a lot of positive reviews from corporations and people who have used the learning management system in their organizations. In this article, we will take a review look at Brightspace LMS.

  • What is D2L Brightspace?

D2L is a company that was founded in 1999. The company was then known as Desire2Learn before the name was shortened to the D2L that we see today. D2L then created one of the first learning management systems (LMS) at the time. Brightspace LMS is now one of the most popular learning management systems in the world and it is used by hundreds of institutions in the United States of America. The platform stands out from other learning platforms such as Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle. Brightspace has also been able to invest in predictive modeling, analytics, and automation while its competitors follow suit. 

Its interface has been refreshed over the last few years, making it more efficient and intuitive to use. 

  • Features

Brightspace has one of the most impressive features available in a learning management system. This helps teachers get the best out of their students. Teachers are also able to track the progress of their students easily with the learning platform. 

  1. Starting

With Brightspace, administrators can create a shell or automate the whole process through the use of integration. This means that they do not require faculty to create course containers. This allows the instructors to experience an organized course creation that is modeled around a simple setup checklist. They can import existing courses from other learning platforms like eCollege, Canvas, and Blackboard.

  1. Features of courses

With Brightspace LMS, functionalities that a user should look forward to are all bundled from an educational learning management system. Apart from this, there are other innovative features that users can find on the platform as well. Users can find features such as calendars, groups, discussion boards, and an integrated email system. Users can also get access to their messages outside of Brightspace at places such as Gmail and Microsoft Office

Instructors can also use the Instant Message button to send a message to a student from the assignment screen and this is quite helpful when the instructor is reviewing the work done by the student. All of these can be found on one screen.

  1. ePortfolio

The ePortfolio of Brightspace is well customized although the level of customization may be too much for the students. Students can store and organize all kinds of items that are related to learning materials. They can also reflect upon and even share these items as well. These items can be anything such as audio, videos, documents, images, presentations, awards, and many more. The ePortfolio can however be a little bit complicated for the students.

  1. Release condition

With this condition, the teachers can keep some items back until they are sure that the students have met the required conditions before releasing them to them. For example, the teacher may decide to hide the second topic in a course until the students have finished with the first topic. This means that the students will not be able to skip the first topic to view topic 2. They will only get to see topic 2 after they are done with the first topic. 

  1. Tracking students’ performance

The granular roles supported by Brightspace are more than what you will find in its competitors. Teachers can designate teaching assistants and these learning assistants can be students. These roles are vital because they help to determine what users can see and what they cannot see on the platform. Almost all the data and elements have been wrapped in rules and permissions. The teachers are also able to check on the progress of the students from the class overview dashboard. This tracking of students can be concerning their logins, grades, learning objectives, and content. 

So these are some of the main features one can find on the D2L Brightspace platform and these set the learning platform apart from its competitors. 

  • Add-on packages

There are a host of add-on packages that users can buy from D2L to enhance their usage of the Brightspace learning management system. These add-ons can extend the capabilities of the Brightspace platform, making it more efficient and reliable. The add-ons have been streamlined into three main packages and they are:

  1. Brightspace Core- this includes all the things that an institution will need to carry out online learning such as virtual classrooms, repository, video assignments, ePortfolio, and many more
  1. Engagement Plus- this includes the course catalog on the Brightspace platform along with multimedia tools such as Brightspace Capture.
  1. Performance Plus- this includes D2L’s predictive and performance analytics such as Brightspace Insights, the Student Success System, and LeaP. 
  • Pricing

When it comes to the pricing of Brightspace LMS, there is no specific pricing. The price normally depends on how big the institution using the platform is. This means that the amount you pay will depend on how big your entity is.

  • Conclusion

So from this ladies and gentlemen, we can see that Brightspace LMS is arguably one of the best learning management systems in the world. We have also seen that the platform comes with a lot of features to support learning competently. However, it may seem a little too expensive for some people since the amount you pay will depend on how big your organization is.

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