Samsung unveiled the Z Flip 3 with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the new Galaxy Watch 4 series, and the Galaxy Buds 2 headphones during its Galaxy Unpacked event on August 10th. On August 27, the phone went on sale in the majority of markets.

In this article, we will learn

  • Where To Buy The Samsung Z Flip In UK
  • How to take screenshort on Samsung Z Flip
  • How to recover Lost Password on Samsung Z Flip

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Where To Buy The Samsung Z Flip In UK

You may obtain Samsung’s New Arrival Galaxy Z Flip / Z Flip 5G online at low rates from Samsung’s website, or you can get the Samsung z flip in UK from any of their local retail outlets near you. Price Of Samsung Z Flip And Black Friday Deals Online

There are numerous deals out there for Samsung Z flip however most eciting of them all is a round up of Black Friday deals online posted by Digital Trends.

How To Reset A Samsung Z Flip Without Password

Resetting your Samsung z flip phone without your pass word is called Hard reset.

Before you do this, make sure your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s battery is fully charged or at least 50% charged.

How to Reset a Samsung Z Flip Without a Password

Step 1. Turn off your phone.

Step 2. Press and hold the “power button” and the “volume up button” together for a few seconds until the phone screen is lit

if something it does not work, try with the “Volume down button” or 3 button combined.

Step 3. Phone will vibrate and the screen logo will show, release all keys

Step 4. A screen will show with a menu item of lots of data, On this screen, you can only use your volume buttons to toggle through the options and the power button to select.

Step 5. Toggle using the volume buttons and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset

You will see the confirmation screen. Toggle and select “Factory data reset” 

Step 6. After Done, select “Wipe Cache Partition”  and in the next screen select yes

Step 7. After successfully wipe the partition, select “Reboot system now” to reboot the phone.

After the phone turned on, your device will be taken out of the factory.

How To Remove A Sim Card From Samsung Z Flip Phone

The Samsung Z Flip phone’s SIM slot is located on the phone’s top left side. Insert the sim remover pin into the hole inside the sim slot on the top left of your phone to remove the sim.

How to remove a sim card from a Samsung Z flip phone is demonstrated in this video.

Watch the video below.

How To Block A Number On A Samsung Flip Phone

You only Block numbers when you identify spam callers or you want to do it for personal reasons. 

To block a number on a Samsung flip phone, touch the red Phone icon and slide it to the left to stop any incoming call that hasn’t been put to the reject list. Touch Reject call with message and slide up to stop the call but leave a message.

Below are steps to block a number on a Samsung flip phone;

1. From the Home screen, tap the Phone icon. 

2. Tap Menu > Settings. 

3. Tap Block numbers and choose or enter number to block number.

4. Move the slide under Block unknown callers to ON.

NB: If you mistakenly add a number to your blocked contact list (Black list) you will not be able to receive any calls or communicate with that number.

How To Change Ringtone On Samsung Flip Phone

When you have a phone call, the ringtone is a great way to let you know. To set a ringtone, go to the ringtone selection screen and pick the song you wish to use as a ringtone by pressing the + sign. Follow the guide below on how to change ringtone on Samsung flip phone

1. From the top of the screen, swipe down.

2. Select the Settings option.

3. Select Sounds and Vibrations from the drop-down menu.

4. Select Ringtone.

5. Select the ringtone you want to use by tapping it. There will be a sneak peek.

6. To save your choices, press the Back Key.

How To Take A Screenshort On Samsung Flip 

To take a screenshot on Samsung flip, press and quickly release the Side and Volume down buttons.


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