Now that your kids are probably on their summer holidays, you may be looking at your meticulous schedule breaking down. Online schooling already wreaked havoc on your family’s routine, but the holidays make things even more challenging. After all, you still have to work according to your schedule and watch your kids at home all day at the same time.  

It can be very tempting to just let your children watch their favorite shows all day. It is only possible with excellent children’s programming on Cox, just dial Cox customer service phone number and avail the amazing cable tv offers. However, this is not really viable, as too much screen time is detrimental for anyone. You need to make sure they have a balanced schedule without risking your own sanity. Therefore, you should give your kids outlets to spend all their pent-up energy so that they aren’t wired up all day and also demand screen time in lieu of any activity. Here are a few ways you can do this.  

Set a Sleep Schedule 

A fixed sleep schedule is a necessity for children, even during vacations. Make sure you don’t veer from the bedtime they have on their usual days. Children thrive on routine and learn to manage their schedules and energy accordingly.  

When they get the right amount of sleep instead of sitting around in front of the screen at night, they’ll also behave much better and automatically work around a routine of sorts.  

Do Not Give Free Access to iPads 

Do not let your children access iPads whenever they want. Make sure you emphasize that it’s a limited privilege and only let them have it for half an hour or so at a time. Even better, apart from a few educational games, do not let your children access content on smaller screens.  

Instead, have them watch their shows on the family television so that their eyes and necks don’t get strained either. This will help control their screen time and also make them realize that it’s a privilege and not a right.  

Play with Your Children 

Children often tend to demand screen time and get cranky if they feel like they’re not getting enough attention. Make sure you take out a bit of time in your own schedule to play with them. It’s not enough to just watch while they play with each other. Be involved, and let your inner child loose.  

This will not only keep your kids busy and distracted from the screen, but also improve their bond with you. This playtime also promotes open communication and you can ask them about their feelings and thoughts during this time as well.  

Encourage Outdoor Activities 

It is not easy for children to stay cooped up inside all the time. Of course, they’ll get bored and ask for screen time in that case. So, you need to find a time where you can take them out for outdoor activities. Even if it’s just a few rounds of bicycling around the neighborhood, or a visit to the park, make it part of your regular routine.  

This will help your children exhaust their energy and also want to sleep earlier. In addition, it is healthy for all of you to get some fresh air, so do make this a regular part of your routine.  

Set an Example 

Setting screen time boundaries will only work if you also act as an example. Therefore, do not watch TV around your kids, especially if you’ve implemented strict screen time schedules for them. If they’re in the room with you, it defeats the purpose of setting limits and also exposes them to age-inappropriate content.  

Therefore, control your own screen time. Yes, that includes your phones as well. Set a good example and your children will follow it. In addition, this is better for your own health and relationships as well. 

In conclusion, you can control your children’s screen time without too much fuss with just a bit of effort. All it takes is some discipline, clear boundaries, and ways to spend their energy productively.  

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